Cooking as a Community

Welcome to Cooking as a Community 5 Days of Real Food Breakfasts!

Are you stuck in a breakfast rut?  Are you sick of the same breakfast every morning?  Then 5 days of Real Food breakfasts can help you.

A lot of people say to me that they find breakfast the hardest meal and they usually end up eating the same meal over and over. 

What if I said to you instead of thinking of breakfast in the traditional sense (toast and cereal – now that is boring!) you could have anything at all for your first meal of the day.  Yes that is right!  You could have dinner for breakfast if you wanted to and in fact a lot of people eating real food do just that!

To get you started I have compiled 5 days of delicious real food breakfasts that are easy to throw together, delicious and nutritious from my real foodie friends.

What is Real Food?

Real Food
  • Unprocessed, unpackaged food
  • Fresh vegetables, fruit - organic/spray free/seasonal/local
  • Food from animals that eat what nature intended them to eat
  • Healthful fats
  • No sugar
  • No industrial seed oils
  • Then you add to your template what works for you. For example if you can tolerate dairy add it in, if you can’t leave it out. 
Everybody is different just like every body is different.

How Cooking as a Community Works

On Saturday 22 October you will be sent a shopping list with all the food for the recipes.  On Sunday 23 October we will begin our food preparation and on Monday to Friday of that week you will try a different breakfast each day.  We will all cook the same recipe each day, in our own kitchen and post pictures of our creations.  It is a great way to interact with members of the community, share tips and find where to source food locally.  It also helps with meal planning, preparation, trying new recipes, cooking techniques, how to adapt a recipe when you are missing an ingredient and what a healthy balanced meal should look like. 

It helps you reconnect with your kitchen.

A lot of the ability to cook our own food has been lost to take away and convenience foods heated in the microwave.  I want to show people that eating real food does not need to be difficult and with some easy techniques and planning you won’t want to reach for your processed, convenience foods.

Sign up below and you will be emailed all the recipes and instructions on how to participate soon.  Until then take our first challenge #pantrycleanup and join our closed facebook group (This will be emailed to you once you complete the form- look for the email called "subscription confirmed" it has all the details).
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